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Puppy Meets World

This is a great start for young pups. You will be taught the proper way to housebreak your pet, how to correct chewing problems, adjusting puppy behavior, and approaching and handling your puppy. Your puppy will learn how to be confident and enjoy working with you.

Basic Obedience

One-on-one training with you and your dog allows for a personalized training schedule. The course focuses on heeling, sit, stay, down, and basic manners.




Advanced Obedience

Small sized classes offer individualized attention for dogs and handlers. The course focuses on socialization, advanced sit, stay and heeling with off-leash aspects.





Basic tracking requires that each dog completed advanced obedience due to the nature of the class. Dogs learn to follow a scent trail trhough various types of terrain while locating articles left behind along the way.



Protection Curriculum - various levels

Any dogs & handlers wishing to attend any of the Protection Classes must first have their dogs evaluated by the training staff. This evaluation will determine if the dog’s ability, health and disposition is appropriate for protection work. Not all dogs, despite their breed or pedigree, will be accepted into this program. Students must attend all classes. All protection work will be done on lead.

Tracking/Protection Retraining

Retraining course is usually offered every month in order to ensure that all dogs are working to set standards. Each dog and handler will refresh their skills, refine commands, and learn more advanced techniques.



Leads, collars, harnesses and other equipment are included in the training programs .
Clover Meadows Dog Training is dedicated to providing their students with affordable and quality training classes and programs enjoyable for both student and canine. All levels of dog training are available and will be taught by certified handlers only. Both private and group settings are available. Each canine and handler will be assessed for skill level and temperament to assure proper placement in the class that will most benefit your goals. At the completion of all classes, Certificates of Achievement will be awarded.
Some of the common behaviors we will correct are:
  Housebreaking Fear and anxiety
  Jumping Food Stealing
  Chewing Intimidation
  Jumping on Furniture Biting
  Socialization Problems Aggressive behavior
  Barking Bolting out the Door
Nutrition Services
  • Nutrition counseling is available to all clients for both dogs and puppies.
  • We are a full line dealer for Martin's Formula dog food.
  • Nutritional supplements include Nupro and Energol to assist your canine in reaching their full potential.
  • We also sell high quality raw meat for supplementation and marrow bones for treats.

Clover Meadows Dog Training takes canine nutrition & health very seriously. That is why we deal solely in a superior line of dog food, vitamins & minerals and supplements.

These products are produced with only the finest of ingredients and raw materials. All meat products come from healthy, free-ranging animals and are processed as needed, supplying your animal with the freshest meat available.

All of the products are formulated to support puppies, active and inactive dogs. To better address dogs with orthopedic and allergic concerns, Martin's made carbohydrate and protein changes to adapt to these health issues.

Martin's formula dog food does not add Ethoxiquin, byproducts, BHA, BHT, beet pulp, corn bran, animal digest or Sodium Bentonite (brick dust).

All in all, Martin's takes great pride in their research and experience to offer their customers the best in nutrition, vitamins & minerals and supplemental products to aid in your pet’s health, happiness and conditioning.

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